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Childen's Words


"From talking to other kids whose parents are divorced and from kids in group therapy with me and other kids who got screwed over I have some suggestions:

1. They should get rid of lawyers. Lorraine... and James... really screwed up my life. They shouldn't allow lawyers In divorce court. And in Juvenile Court your lawyer should listen to you, and actually represent You.

2. Psych evals should be done by someone who has a brain instead of someone who is crazy and just in it for the money. The same for therapists. Dr. Newton and Glen Coming kept trying to pressure me into saying things that weren't true and making me feel a way I didn't feel about my dad.

3. The people in divorce court don't know what's good for kids. Kids know who they feel close to and who they want to take care of them. Most kids I've talked to hate joint custody. Even when kids have lived with both their parents their whole life there is usually one they feel closer to, and sometimes they don't like one parent because of a lot of different reasons. Kids should have a flexible visitation schedule and feel comfortable with the arrangements. Judges and parents should find out what the kids really want.

4. Social workers shouldn't embarrass kids at school. Kids who are victims of crimes shouldn't be the ones locked up and the ones to lose everything . When you've been molested you need your mom, your home, and your friends...


6. If they aren't going to help you and are only going to make your life worse then CPS should stay out of it. All those people claiming to help kids should really do some helping instead of hurting. The people who work with children need to learn more about children, families, abuse, and how to really help.

The only thing good to come out of CPS helping is that I don't have to see my dad anymore. I think there was a time when I probably would have liked seeing my dad if someone had been around to teach him how to be a good dad and make sure I was safe. The courts really hurt me. I feel like I had 2 years of my life robbed away from me when we were in divorce court and foster care. I hate everyone who did all those bad and stupid things to me. I hope they all go through something as bad as all I had to go through so they can understand how awful life can be. I don't know how these people can feel good about themselves when they do so much damage. Some are no better than the child molester or child beater who harm kids. They just get away with it because it's a legal form of child abuse."


This excerpt was taken from the OCOF web site, but "Sara" is just one of many children whose words deserve to be heard.

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